About Say No For Nick


Say No For Nick was created by the parents of Nick Cody, who passed away in June of 2014. Growing up, Nick always hated drugs, but that was not enough to stop them from taking his life. Nick suffered from a problem with drugs, and ultimately this disease took everything away from Nick, and ultimately took Nick away from everyone who loved him. After Nick’s death, his family wanted to help many other families in crisis who found the same obstacles on the path to recovery for Canadian Youth.


Our vision is to act as an advocate for the prevention of opioid and fentanyl use by youth through education with all levels of government. Say No For Nick will lobby our elected officials and non-governmental agencies to expand and enhance support resources, services and increase awareness for youth who require urgent care to support their struggle with substance use disorder. Say No For Nick also provides an online resource portal to help individuals and families navigate the healthcare system for youth in crisis.